A Note From Our President

The purpose of the Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) is to help people in need in our local community. And folks, we need your help to do that!

The purpose of the Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) is to help people in need in our local community. And folks, we need your help to do that! I'm reaching out to let you know the PCF’s annual fundraising effort is underway...

Amazing things happen when we all work together! Thanks to your generous support, the PCF was able to help with the launch of Cornelius Early Scholars, a program that provides children in need with a preschool education to help prepare them for success in kindergarten. One of our charitable partners, Angels and Sparrows, then volunteered to deliver free lunches to the children every day. Another PCF-supported charity, Bridge of Hearts, contributed by making sure each child’s birthday was celebrated with gifts and books. You helped make all of this happen. We are a special, caring community indeed!

Our generous community united to grant a record $314,000 to 24 charities in 2023, among them:

  • The Lake Norman Community Development Corporation is dedicated to providing a pipeline of affordable housing for police officers, firefighters and teachers who work in our area but cannot afford to live here.
  • Hope House provides temporary housing, support and job assistance for families displaced in a crisis.
  • Alongside Families connects parents in crisis with local “support families” who can provide safe, loving homes where their children can be cared for temporarily while they restore stability to their lives, thus avoiding the foster care system.
  • Little Smiles helps kids stay connected during difficult times such a serious or terminal illness by providing technology to them while they are in the hospital.

It is a stunning fact that there are more homeless people in Cornelius than there are banks. Whether sleeping in their cars in the Fresh Market parking lots or in tents in undeveloped wooded areas, these people are a symbol of the unseen need in our prosperous community.

Every dollar you donate to the PCF supports local non-profits that make an impact on those in need in our community by providing funds, networking and volunteers. Please visit our website, YOURPCF.org to learn more about all the charities we support. You can make a credit card donation on the website or use the enclosed envelope to mail a check. Either way, please know that the members of the all-volunteer board of the Peninsula Community Foundation really appreciate your continued generosity and support.

Gratefully Yours,

George Searle, President
The Peninsula Community Foundation

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PCF is committed to helping local nonprofit organizations develop and expand not only through direct financial contributions but with their entire mission. We work alongside them to increase marketing and PR, improve fundraising efforts, enhance volunteer recruitment, expand their presence in the community and improve their strategic planning and corporate governance. Our recipient organizations benefit not only from our financial contribution, but from the direct involvement of PCF Board Members, neighbors, and volunteers in the Peninsula and Cornelius community. PCF is uniting a generous community. Take your first step in joining this community and help the Peninsula be stronger together as we empower the work of nonprofit organizations.