April 2024 Stroll The Peninsula

The Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) is featured on the cover of the April 2024 issue of Stroll The Peninsula! This all-volunteer organization has made a substantial impact in North Mecklenburg County, contributing over $2 million to local charities. In 2023, PCF granted $314,000 to 24 charities, including the Lake Norman Community Development Corporation and Hope House. For 2024, PCF aims to raise $500,000 to support over 30 non-profits. To learn more about PCF's efforts and achievements, download the full article from Stroll The Peninsula.

We are excited to announce that the Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) is on the cover of the April 2024 issue of Stroll The Peninsula! PCF is a vital, all-volunteer organization dedicated to addressing the significant needs of the young, poor, distressed, elderly, and handicapped in North Mecklenburg County. With over $2 million contributed to local charities, PCF has made an enormous impact on our community.

In 2023 alone, PCF granted a record $314,000 to 24 different charities. Highlights include:

  • Lake Norman Community Development Corporation: Providing affordable housing for police officers, firefighters, and teachers.
  • Hope House: Offering temporary housing, support, and job assistance to families in crisis.
  • Alongside Families: Connecting parents in crisis with supportive families to avoid foster care.
  • Little Smiles: Helping children with serious or terminal illnesses stay connected through technology.

For 2024, PCF has set an ambitious goal to raise $500,000 to support over 30 non-profits in the Lake Norman area. According to George Searle, PCF Board President, “It’s an ambitious goal, but after raising $350,000 last year with the help of our generous local community, we think we can do it.” These funds will be raised through the Annual Fund Drive starting each March and a gala event in November.

PCF's ability to respond swiftly to urgent needs is one of its strengths. For example, when Angels and Sparrows needed funds for fresh produce, PCF approved a $10,000 grant within days, ensuring continued support for their food pantry.

Another rewarding aspect of PCF’s work is fostering connections between charities. Susan Hartman, a Board member, shared a success story of collaboration between PCF and Angels and Sparrows in launching Cornelius Early Scholars, a preschool program for children in need.

Led by a dedicated team including President George Searle, Vice President Andi Griffin, Secretary Susan Hartman, and Treasurer Ron Bruce, PCF continues to make a tangible difference in our community.

For more detailed insights and to support PCF's mission, download the full article from the April 2024 issue of Stroll The Peninsula.

Download the full article here: Stroll The Peninsula - April 2024 Issue

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PCF is committed to helping local nonprofit organizations develop and expand not only through direct financial contributions but with their entire mission. We work alongside them to increase marketing and PR, improve fundraising efforts, enhance volunteer recruitment, expand their presence in the community and improve their strategic planning and corporate governance. Our recipient organizations benefit not only from our financial contribution, but from the direct involvement of PCF Board Members, neighbors, and volunteers in the Peninsula and Cornelius community. PCF is uniting a generous community. Take your first step in joining this community and help the Peninsula be stronger together as we empower the work of nonprofit organizations.