The Gala “Theme” – An Origin Story

The article explains the origin of the "Denim, Diamonds and Dancing" theme for an annual gala organized by the PCF Board. Post-gala discussions, while reflecting on the previous event's successes and setbacks, inspired the Western element of the theme, credited to the cowboy hat-wearing auctioneers. The "Dancing" aspect honors the band Brightside's performance, a regular highlight of the event. Despite being a somewhat common theme, "Denim and Diamonds" adds a semi-formal yet comfortable touch, encouraging guests to dress in upscale Western attire. The theme also aids in planning decorations, food, and games, with the board open to feedback for enhancing the gala's success, ultimately benefiting local charities.

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For all those wondering where the “Denim, Diamonds and Dancing” theme came from, the following is the long explanation.

Every year, your PCF Board – made up of about 12 of your neighbors, six men and six women, begins discussing the next year’s gala while still nursing the hangovers from the last one. (This is hyperbole – on gala night, we work too hard to drink too much!)

We talk about what went well and what didn’t. Last year, the two auctioneers brought great energy to the event – as emcees and as auctioneers – and since they both wear cowboy hats, this led to the Western part of the theme, as at least one of them will be back this year. (Shout out to Andi and Mike Griffin, of NuBlue for introducing us to their multi-talented plumber, Austin Helms and his cousin Jason West.)

The band Brightside, featuring two of The Peninsula’s own, Marshall Jones and Rob Haglund (not to mention Paul Cameron’s son Patrick on drums) is always the highlight of the evening, so the “Dancing” part is a tribute to them and to their large, local fanbase.

“Denim and Diamonds” is perhaps an over-used party theme, but the Diamond part allows guests to upscale their Western outfits for an evening semi-formal celebration. More importantly, it allows men to be a little more comfortable, in jeans, boots and a jacket, Stetson with a suit a la Yellowstone, or by simply adding a bolo tie to their ensembles. Women can get as “duded up” as they wish – broomstick skirts,  turquoise and rhinestones, Cowboy hats, lace petticoats, floral dresses with cowboy boots – anything goes!

We think the theme makes everything a little more interesting – and gives us something to base decorations, food and party games on. Your feedback is important to us! If you have theme ideas or hate party themes in general (as a couple of men on our Board do!), please let us know! The more successful our galas are, the more we have to give to our local charities, so your input is so important – it is!

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